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About the Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer, also known as Agrilus Planipennis Fairmaire, is an invasive insect native to Asia that has killed tens of millions of ash trees in urban, rural and forested settings of the continent. In 2002 the ash borer beetle was discovered in the Michigan and Windsor, Ontario area, and since then, has proceeded to infest ash trees in most of the United States, Mexico and Canada. Today over 21 species of emerald ash borer are known to feed on 4 major ash species.

The native North American ash trees have very little natural resistance to the ash borer pest and stand a great risk of destruction. Because insects feed on the tree under the bark, it makes it very difficult to perform insecticide treatments to save the tree.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Options

Trunk-Injected Systemic Insecticides
Several systemic insecticide products can be injected directly into the trunk of the tree to kill the ash borer pest and save the tree.

Soil-Applied Systemic Insecticides.
This option consists of applying systemic insecticides directly into the soil, near the roots of the tree.

Noninvasive, Systemic Basal Trunk Sprays
This option includes spraying a non invasive systemic bark spray for EAB control on the lower five to six feet of the tree trunk using a common garden sprayer at low pressure throughout the tree.

Protective Cover Sprays Insecticides can be sprayed on the trunk of the tree, branches and in some cases on the foliage to kill adult EAB beetles as they feed on ash leaves. This option also works on killing the newly hatched larvae as they chew through the bark.

How to Identify an EAB?

EAB adults are a bright, metallic green color beetle approximately ½ inch in length and 1/16 inch in width with flat backs and rounded abdomens. Their larva reaches the length of 1 inch and are creamy white colored.

EAB beetles emerge from the infested tree in mid-May and peak in late June. They continue emerging until late July. Throughout the season the beetle feeds on the ash foliage causing irregular shaped patches along the leaf margins. Female beetles lay approximately 75 eggs on the bark of the branches and trunk from mid-May through July with hatching occurring in about one week. The larva tunnel into the cambium area between the inner bark and outer ring of the wood, feeding on the outer sapwood and phloem, producing S-shaped tunnels that disrupt the flow of water and nutrients in the tree.

Contact our tree care experts to schedule a consultation regarding your ash tree treatment options.

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